Welcome to ESIC Lighting

Here at ESIC Lighting our goal is to provide you with a customized turn-key solution that will result in significant energy savings.

Energy savings will positively impact your pocket, the environment as well as your home or work space.

We have been in the energy efficiency industry for 5 years and have a passion to continue supplying our clients with high quality products and service.

  • Customized turn-key solution
  • Significant energy savings of up to 84%
  • Over 5 Years of satisfied clients
  • Completely Free LED upgrades
  • Locally owned and operated

ESIC lighting analyses your existing lighting and offers an energy efficient solution. We think about your business intelligently. LED technology allows for easy integration with intelligent occupancy and daylight harvesting sensors which was not possible with other light forms, this further increasing the savings possible for your organisation. The strength of our industrial LED lighting means they are likely to last longer than inferior LED products.

The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (ESC VEET). The VEET scheme is a Victorian Government initiative promoted as the Energy Saver Incentive. With the scheme, businesses can replace their old lighting with newer and more energy efficient initiatives, sometimes even completely free of charge.

ESIC Lighting invests thousands of hours to understanding the concepts behind inferior and quality lighting products. From the LED’s right through to the drivers and everything in between. ESIC will assess your current lighting, and then make recommendations for an energy-efficient alternative for your industrial or commercial facility, with the option for intelligence to be implemented based on your specific requirements. We also give you all the relevant facts and figures you need to make the best decision.