Commercial LED's

Are these lights safe to use in my shop?

ESIC Lighting only supplies quality approved products that have been tested to Australian Standards to ensure the safest result in our often harsh environment.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes of course, all products have their own respective warranty terms. Contact us for product details.

Are these lights dimmable?

ESIC Lighting can offer dimming functions to specific lights. During our initial visit, we can recommend the right product for your requirements.

What does Warm White and Cool White emitted colours mean?

The colour of light can be selective from individual to individual and depends on its retail application. We recommend seeing how different lights impact different areas so you can ensure you are selecting the correct colour. Contact ESIC Lighting for assistance.

Will a qualified electrician conduct the upgrade?

Yes, one of our A-Grade, fully qualified electricians will always perform your upgrade.

What is the VEET scheme?

The VEET scheme is for you! Most Victorian's pay for this as a tariff on each Electricity Bill. It is there for you to get back when you upgrade Lighting and/or Equipment in your workplace, We can help you get this money into your pocket and reduce your electricity usage.

Industrial LED's

What is your Warranty Terms?

Product Warranties are from 1 to 5 Years. We can provide specific Product Specifications on request. We also provide Guarantees on our Installation works for Indoor and Industrial Lighting.

What is involved in an Initial Assessment?

The first site visit often takes a couple of hours to document your existing Lighting Layout, Usage Patterns and Retailer Tariff rates. We will then provide a concise report presenting proposed Financial and Energy Savings for an upgraded installation.

How will the Installation be performed?

The Installation can be performed by your own electrical maintenance team with our guidance. Otherwise our Installation Team can assist generally during out of hours or shutdown times.

What are your Safety and Environmental Values?

We only use approved Elevated Working Platforms 'EWPs' and complete Safe Work Method Statements 'SWMS' in direct consultation. All decommissioned lighting and packaging waste is handled by our Waste Management Process to ensure minimal impact to your site.

Does the VEET Scheme apply to Commercial and Industrial Installations?

The VEET Scheme is applicable to different Tariff types and is continually including larger types. Our Initial Assessment will identify your level of suitability to gain Energy Efficiency Certificates. The value of each Certificate is dependent on a market trend and hence alters accordingly.

When will we start seeing Savings?

Savings will happen when the first light is upgraded. Unless you have real-time monitoring, your following electricity invoice will show a lower usage amount. Another benefit is that older style lights generate more heat, therefore in Summer your air-con will be saving as well!


How will esic lighting benefit my business?

ESIC Lighting strives to keep business simple and straight forward. We can promptly provide Quality Proven Products at reduced costs to you. We have the experience of the VEET Scheme process, so you can complete the job with no fuss. We collect all necessary job information to ensure your reimbursement is rapidly paid back.

How can the veet scheme help my business?

The VEET scheme is for Victorian Residential and Commercial electricity users to get a reimbursement on Lighting and/or Equipment upgrades as well as ongoing Electricity Savings. Therefore as an installer, you can factor this discount into your quotes to gain a competitive edge.

I want to know more?

Contact us to arrange a meeting at our office and we can go through the process to get you started. Looking forward in hearing from you. The ESIC Team