We take pride in each project that we complete, no matter the size or the facility. Here are some examples of upgrades that we have completed which have resulted in significant energy savings and reduction in carbon emissions;

  • Novotel Geelong

    Entire hotel upgraded.

    Carbon emissions will reduce by 37 tons annually.

    Both electricity and maintenance costs will positively impact the financial performance of the hotel.

  • National Tiles

    Integrated energy-efficient lighting products throughout the National Tiles stores across Australia.

    Lighting saving of 66%.

    The new lighting improved the aesthetics of the product and improved lighting maintenance outcomes.

  • De Bortoli Winery

    Lighting upgrades made to over 4,500m2 of manufacturing, administration, and wine tasting space.

    Minimum lighting consumption reduction of 65%, as well as significant maintenance savings.

  • Ceva Logistics

    11,000m2 facility consisting of a vast warehouse space, office, and loading bay area.

    Overall savings achieved were 68%, plus an improvement in overall light levels.

  • Cargo Park

    Thousands of lights replaced in the 25,000m2 facility.

    Improvement in light levels means a safer workplace for all.

    Reduced energy costs of approximately 70% were achieved.

  • Accredited Distributors

    Turn-key solution will save over 67% in lighting consumption and improve maintenance outcomes dramatically.

    Other rural branches are now to be upgraded as well.

  • Sporting Globe

    • 50W halogen down lights were upgraded to 10W LED down lights
    • Annual energy savings of 82% were achieved
    • Average LED lifespan is now 30,000 hours compared to 2,500 hours with their old halogen lights
  • Tashco

    • An upgrade on all of their lighting was completed
    • A 70% energy saving was achieved
    • Daylight sensors were installed within the factory space
  • Spare Change

    • 82% reduction in lighting consumption has been achieved
    • Daylight sensors were installed in their retail space
  • Matthew Flinders

    1,400 halogen down lights and fluorescent tubes were upgraded

    Average lighting consumption has dropped by 60%

  • Claytons

    • 5,500m2 sized facility
    • Project energy saving of 73%
    • Light levels have improved by an average of 200%
  • Caron Laboratories

    • 4,100m2 floor space upgraded 
    • Lighting consumption reduced by 88%
    • Light levels have improved by an average of 50%