High Bay LED Solutions: Light Years Ahead


Lighting warehouses, factories, large retail spaces, halls and indoor sports arenas offers special challenges for property owners and managers.

Until recently, high intensity discharge (HID) lamps such as metal halide lamps were the most reliable options for high bay lights at six to 12 metres above ground level.

But HID lights are hungry power users, typically ranging from 175 to 1000 watts per fixture. They also lose lumens (light intensity) over their lifetime. Where lights are mounted 10 or more metres above the ground, that can mean bringing in an outside contractor when lights dim or fail.

Benefits of a LED high bay replacement program

Now a range of advanced LED high bay light fittings offer major savings for commercial and industrial premises:

  • High bay LED lights range from 95 watts to 495 watts, cutting energy use by up to half compared with HID lights. That means lower power bills and lower carbon emissions.
  • LED lamps last between 50,000-100,000 operating hours, up to four times as long as HID lamps. That means a long time between changing globes. The result is much lower maintenance costs and lower replacement costs.
  • LED lights offer much better light quality and a more even distribution of light, important for staff safety and essential for workplace productivity.
  • LEDs emit almost no heat. That means no wasted energy use, cooler premises in summer, less need for air conditioning and no risk of hot light fittings causing a fire.
  • High bay LEDs can incorporate daylight and motion sensors and wireless remote control to further reduce energy costs.

Rebates are available on LED high bay installation

The Victorian Energy Upgrades program offers generous rebates, which sometimes turn out to be free, to businesses to upgrade to more energy-efficient lighting. After rebates, most commercial lighting upgrades pay for themselves within 10-16 months.

At ESIC Lighting, we pride ourselves on creating the best lighting solutions for our clients. Typically, our tailored high bay lighting solutions for commercial and industrial premises offer savings of up to 95% in lighting energy consumption and an average payback of 14 months. We are finding quite a few clients are actually able to upgrade for free.

Contact us to confirm whether your business qualifies for a rebate to upgrade to more energy-efficient high bay lighting, and discuss how we can design and install a lighting solution at your premises