New Lighting Design: Implementing a Brighter Future for Schools


If your school was built more than 10 years ago, you’re probably still using fluorescent, halogen or metal halide fittings and globes, or perhaps even the original incandescent globes.

Switching to energy efficient LED globes to light classrooms, corridors, offices, halls and gyms could save your school thousands of dollars a year in running and maintenance costs. According to Victorian Energy Saver, installing LEDs can reduce lighting costs by up 80% per year, reduce maintenance costs and reduce greenhouse emissions.

ESIC Lighting is now offering Victorian schools the opportunity to switch to energy efficient lighting with no capital outlay.

The School Energy Efficient Lighting program

Under ESIC’s School Energy Efficient Lighting program, the cost of upgrading to LEDs is repaid out of future energy savings, with a payback period estimated at less than two years. After that, the energy savings represent money in the bank for your school.

A typical school that replaces 225 fluorescent fittings with LED lights would save $25,000 over 10 years in energy costs and reduce carbon emissions by 15 tonnes.

The benefits don’t just stop at lower power bills and emissions. A lighting upgrade can provide multiple benefits for students and staff:

  • Brighter and more even light quality.
  • LED globes emit less heat, improving comfort over summer and reducing air conditioning costs.
  • LED globes last up to 3-10 times as long as fluorescent and halogen lights, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • LEDs can incorporate daylight and motion sensors to further reduce energy costs.

How does it work?

Contact ESIC Lighting to arrange a visit. Our team will audit your school to identify inefficiencies. The cost of the audit ($169) is fully refunded when an upgrade is complete.

You will receive a detailed report with a lighting design plan, estimated savings and environmental benefits. Once the plan is approved, an ESIC professional installs the new lighting.

Want to save your school money on lighting bills? Contact ESIC Lighting and fill in the contact form or call 1800 152 601 to book a time for us to visit.